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Service Submission Series: A Body Service Tutorial

Personal grooming is perhaps the most intimate duty that can be performed between a service submissive and the Dominant he/she is serving.  It can be daunting for both the submissive and the Dominant, for many reasons, but with some forethought and planning, it can be a pleasurable and satisfying experience.  It is not the time for some play or trying for a cheap feel, but rather, it is the time to give another just pure pleasure.

Don't Fear, Just Ask

You can't go wrong with asking - does the Dominant prefer a shower or bath?  What temperature?  What is his/her normal routine?  Does he/she prefer to be scrubbed or gently rubbed?  Is he/she allergic or sensitive to any scents?  Does he/she have a favourite scent?  What is his/her stance on bubbles?  

Asking ahead of time can save not only time, but can also ensure the continuity of the fantasy.

Plan ahead

Just as you would start with all cooking ingredients prepared and ready to go, you should begin your grooming routine with all items on hand, ready to go.  Razors should be sharp or new/fresh, towels should be at the ready, shampoo/conditioner/soap/gel - at hand.  If a massage is part of the routine, the area should be prepared to make the transition from the bathroom to the massage area easy and smooth.  

The Bath

Now, before you create a special daydream in your head about your Dominant luxuriating in a mass of bubbles while you kneel attentively with a glass of wine at hand, realize, not everyone enjoys a bath, nor do they enjoy company when they bathe, and they may not choose to stay in the bath for very long.  A bath is the best choice when you are serving a Dominant you are new to, or with whom you do not have a sexual relationship with as you can remain clothed, perhaps even in your service uniform to make the event that much more elevated.

Starting at the head, as with a small child, wet the hair of your Dominant with a vessel, have him or her tip back his/her head to ensure water does not run into his/her eyes or ears.  Massage in an appropriate amount of shampoo, and having negotiated washing style ahead of time (gentle, or a good deep scrub etc.), begin to work the shampoo in.  Once cleaned, you have the option of shampooing again - for extra thick hair - or applying conditioner - keeping in mind not everyone uses conditioner.  Work the conditioner in the same way as the shampoo and leave for a few minutes - slick back the hair to ensure it keeps out of the eyes.  When ready to rinse, follow the same steps as with the shampoo.

For washing the body, it is best to follow the routine the Dominant uses.  Do they wash with gel, with soap, with a facecloth, a sponge, a scrub brush?  Beginning at the face, wash each body part, taking care to thoroughly soap and rinse each part.  Pay particular attention to the groin region - again, it is not an opportunity for some sort of physical gratification - for reasons of cleanliness.

Once done, assist the Dominant from rising from the tub, and begin to dry him or her off, using one towel for the hair and one or more towels for the body.

The Shower

Similar steps should be followed as with bathing, but in this case, of course, there is the question of being nude in the shower with the Dominant.  If this is not an issue for you or the Dominant, then proceed, keeping your task first and foremost in your mind.  Be sure to lay out towels for yourself before starting the shower, or you will find yourself wet and shivering after.


There is nothing quite as clean as shaving someone with a straight razor; however, unless you have experience with such, it is not recommended that you just whip one out and go to town.  Also, contrary to fantasy, the only place a straight razor is suitable for is the face or head.  You need a hard surface to ensure a clean shave with a straight razor, and the groin area is just too soft.  It is a good idea if you are using disposable razors or razor heads or blades, to have a few on hand.  Blades can dull quite easily, and if you have an area of thick hair (like a back or groin) you may go through quite a few.

For facial shaves, if possible, warm the area with a hot/warm facecloth.  This will open the pores and soften the skin.  After a few restful moments, you will want to oil the skin or use a shaving lotion/cream.  Apply only as much as needed, and beginning from the top down, shave in the direction the hair grows.  Be sure to rinse the razor after every stroke, preferably in hot water.

If shaving the legs or body, it is best done in the tub, at the end of a bath, ensuring you rinse away any hair residue before the Dominant exits the tub.  Like with a facial shave, the razor should be drawn in the direction the hair grows.

With any sort of shave, the area that has been shaved should be gently patted dry after, and an appropriate moisturizer applied.

For areas such as the groin or armpits, it is best to shave the hair first with a small battery operated personal shaver first, before shaving with a razor.  This will cut down on time, effort and the possibility your razor might snag or slip.

Mani and Pedi

Once the Dominant has been bathed or showered, now is a great time to turn your attention to his/her hands and feet.  Since the skin should be softened and moist, it is a great time to look after any hard skin or callus - polish the rough spots with a pumice stone, wiping as you go.  Be sure to moisturize after.  If you notice that your Dominant has areas on the heels of particular note, you might want to treat him/her to a professional pedicure or a trip to the chiropodist, as the professionals have the equipment needed to attack that hard skin that might actually be rather painful as it builds and cracks.

Inspect the nails on the hands and feet - do they require just a trim?  Perhaps they just need to be lightly filed.  While nail clippers are good if you are in a pinch, a pair of cutters, similar to a small wire snippers, are best for handling both hangnails and cuticles.  Be sure to dry the hands or feet thoroughly and again, moisturize.

Some folks don't like their feet touched, so if you are attending a Dominant such as this, I don't recommend forcing the issue.  He/she knows best what he/she can tolerate and more than that, what he/she enjoys.

The Little Details

Try little niceties like a hot towel (really, a hot facecloth), or towels that have been warmed in the dryer.  Perhaps an eye mask, cut cucumber slices, or moistened tea bags would be appreciated over the eyes.  Once dry, perhaps the Dominant would appreciate some powder, or a scent, appropriately placed.

Unless you have the experience, I don't recommend taking a crack at applying makeup - the results could be less than ideal.  It might be something for you to learn in the future, but for now, stick to what is safe, but make it memorable.

With just a little care and attention, you can create an enticing experience from something very ordinary.  You might be very surprised at the level of intimacy achieved through something so mundane.

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