Sunday, 28 December 2014

Service Submission Series: Domestic Servant's Toolkit

Just as every good mechanic, plumber, or computer tech has their toolkit, so too should every domestic service submissive have a toolkit.  Listed below are a few go to items that I like to always have on hand to tackle certain tasks or jobs.  

You may not have an interest in certain areas of domestic servitude, which is completely understandable, and fortunately, domestic service is not a one size fits all.  Feel free to take what most appeals to you from the following list, and adjust as suits you.

Home Repair

Crazy Glue - I can not say enough about this quick setting adhesive compound.  Best used fresh, and sparingly, this little gem is perfect for small repairs of items that will not be used near food.

Gorilla glue - For larger home repairs of items such as wood moulding, tiling, baseboards, and doors - sand and paint once dry.

Basic ratchet and screwdriver set - From cupboards to shelving to doors, there is always something around the house that could use tightening or a quick install.  While you need not buy the top name brand, a mid-range brand, such as Milwaukee or Dewalt, would be handy to have.  Even a multi bit tool would serve you well - just ensure you purchase one that feels comfortable in your hand.

Hammer - Of course!

Repair putty/filler - For the odd nick or gouge in drywall or baseboards, quick setting, and very malleable.  Once completely dry, easily sanded and painted, blending in with the surrounding structure seamlessly.


Twinkle - The gentlest and easiest silverware cleanser.  Use a soft sponge to wipe on, rinse, then dry with a microfibre cloth.  No force or excessive rubbing required.

Vinegar - The best and cheapest cleaning solvent there is.  Perfect for loosening caked on food remnants on the stovetop, in some dish ware, or in the oven, non-toxic, excellent for streak free mirror and glass cleaning.  Use with baking soda to create a natural sink drain cleanser.

Cleansing wipes - For large and small jobs, perfect for odd shaped surfaces, portable, and multi purpose.

SOS Pads - For dinner ware, cleaning a stainless steel sink, or anywhere you need a little abrasive help.

Rags - For all cleaning purposes.  Ideally, they wouldn't have lint and be super absorbent, but you can't always be too picky.

Old tooth brushes - When a tooth brush is no longer viable to use on your teeth, it can get a second life as a cleaning tool.

Body Care

An assortment of lotions - For massage, for softening rough skin, for soothing after play.  Ensure to have a selection of non-scented lotions on hand for those who might be sensitive

Hand towels - Always good to have a stack of plain absorbent hand towels at the ready.  Facecloths also work well!

Nail/cuticle clippers - For troublesome hang nails and rough skin - use after soaking the hands or feet, and use a shallow snipping motion.

Personal Care

Linen spray or powder - When turning down the bed, or after having changed the sheets - it is a special added touch.  Again, caution is best exercised if you are attending someone who has a scent sensitivity.

An iron - A solidly crafted iron can be a great asset to any domestic toolkit.  As well as creating perfect creases in clothing, irons can give crisp edges to napkins, tablecloths, and another other places linens might be in use.

Shoe polish - Black, brown and clear will suit the majority of your needs.

Shoe polishing accessories - A soft brush, like a shaving soap bristle brush, as well as soft cloths.


Hot glue gun - To add a little bling to your centerpiece, and for fixes that your Crazy Glue just can't seem to fix, a mini glue gun is any aspiring home decorator’s best friend.

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