Friday, 2 January 2015

Service Submission Series: The Importance of a Service CV

Just as a professional Curriculum Vitae is your statement of qualifications when job hunting, a service CV can outline your skills and expertise in regards to domestic service.

As with a professional CV, you might want to start with your contact information - name, email, contact number.  Feel free to use some sort of moniker or nickname should you need to keep your identity private.  It would be best to then list skills, such as small home repair, laundry and ironing, silverware care, body service - now, for a term like body service, as it can be taken to mean sexual attention or non-sexual attention, you might want to expand on what kind of talents you mean exactly.  Next, it would probably be best to list any experience you have - such as “Served as butler periodically for a Master for two years”.  It probably wouldn’t benefit to name any names, in fact, it might hinder you as the mark of a good domestic servant is keeping your lips sealed.  Lastly, it would be of benefit to list any titles or competitions you might have been in, for the reason that competing in leather or BDSM competitions requires dedication, hard work, and effort, which are skills you definitely want to want to display.

As an appendix, I would list your limits and interests, and for some, even your safe word.  It need not be extensive, for instance - you need not necessarily list every corporal play implement you enjoy, perhaps just list corporal play.  I would indeed list hard limits, but again, keep this brief.  The benefit of this being that should you be in a situation where you are able to offer service, either at that present moment or at a future time, should the power exchange partner you are speaking with care to engage in a play situation with you after service, they will be acquainted with your likes, dislikes, and most importantly, your limits.

At this point, you could also list references, but that really is a personal choice.  Every BDSM community is different, so it may or may not be of benefit to have references.

Here is a brief, fictitious example of what a service CV could look like:

Domestic Service Curriculum Vitae

Name: Majordomo
Contact Number: 555-4444


Household budgeting, cooking, laundry and bed linens, light dusting and cleaning, ironing, small household repairs, body service.


Served as live-in steward for Top couple for 2.5 years.  
- Duties included: Managing household budget to include purchasing groceries and cleaning supplies, running errands, meal preparation and planning, planning private events and functions, supervising other domestics - both within and without the BDSM community, care of Masters’ wardrobe.

Body servant - ongoing
- Duties include: Providing bathing and massage services to a regular cadre of power exchange clients.  Sessions suited to their personal requirements - all non-sexual.


- Runner up in 2010 IMsL (International Ms Leather) competition



- Fire play, fire cupping, electrostimulation play, corporal play, penetrative play.

Hard Limits:

- Scat, play involving biological animals or children, blood play, sharps.

Safeword: Unicorn

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